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There is nothing like owning a safe roof over your head. Is it your dream to buy a new home in St. Louis Metro East area? Dream Homes with Jake can make your dream come to reality by fixing you up with your dream home! Our agents keep their eagle-like vision fixed on anyone’s desires to buy a home on the Illinois and Missouri side of the Mississippi River. So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment with Dream Homes with Jake to get the keys to your dream home!

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For years, we have helped several home buyers, and sellers get the best deals for their property. We promise you will not be an exception! 

We have a team specially lined up to effectively guide you through the process of selling or buying a house. We care for your needs and will not stop at anything until we see that shining smile on your face. Know that when you choose us, you choose not only our experience, but also our skills and a wide range of options. We care for your needs and will drive a positive and beneficial experience!  Jake Kline holds a real estate license for both Illinois and Missouri residents.

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No matter what, our realtor Troy IL homeowners love working with, will leave no stone unturned to make your real estate experience simple, efficient, and empowering.

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We take pride in our comprehensive list of for-sale properties.

Committed Team

We do not only help you buy a house but sell your house as well.

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Rest assured that we have all the information about metro east real estate and tools to help you make informed real estate decisions.

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Dr. Baptist
Dr. Baptist
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Jake was great to work with! I was a first time home-buyer and didn't know anything about the process. I always thought that real-estate agents JUST showed houses, but I was completely wrong! Jake walked me through many houses and thoroughly inspected them as we went. When I finally found a house I liked, we talked about what was fair to offer and then he did all the work for me!.... phone calls, negotiation, paperwork preparation, everything! He found a lien on the house and did all sorts of extra work behind the scenes to get it settled without me ever having to call anyone myself. I got my house for a good price and he negotiated some great things into my contract that saved me a lot of money (roof replaced, fireplace cleaned, etc.). He's a really fun guy to go house hunting with, and he made the process really easy. I completely trust his expertise and recommend him!
Celtic Indien
Celtic Indien
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Jake Kline is a down-to-earth real estate broker who cares about the customers he serves mortgaging transitioning experience. Jake identified potential sellers that were economical to me near my new area of employment. He went above and beyond in his support efforts by Zoom meeting suitable homes, coordinating administrative processes, and meeting with owners; subsequently, to COVID-19 travel restriction as I domiciled out-of-state. Jake also monitored my new occupancy place for months during my government service tenure, 900+ miles away. He has been a difference-maker—an angel on earth. The world can be a better reality if more people have altruistic characteristics like Jake Kline.
Lu J Whitley
Lu J Whitley
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Jake put up with A LOT of headaches when we decided to buy a new home during the first month of the Covid Pandemic. We had a tiny budget, but he showed us all the weird and retched houses we wanted to see...in the snow...with a smile on his face. He never pressured us, but he was 100% available when we had a question or concern. Even when the water heater fell through the floor of our prospective new home. He had his buddy there to fix it the next day and negotiated that into our offer. I would definitely recommend you give Jake a call.
Lauren Mclaughlin
Lauren Mclaughlin
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Jake was great to work with. He navigated our home-buying process and effectively worked through any bumps along the way. Jake provided helpful suggestions and information, was very prompt in his responses, and went above and beyond to secure the house we wanted in the town we desired for the price we were comfortable paying. I will recommend Jake to all my friends going forward.
Nicholas Saltamachia
Nicholas Saltamachia
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Jake is currently my agent in the search for my first home purchase. Home buying is a BIG commitment, and a BIG price tag, but he understands that, and his expertise and personality make what is an otherwise intimidating process feel more comfortable. He's honest, knowledgable, and communicative...if you have an agent now that you can't say that about, or you don't have an agent yet, talk to Jake.

We invite you to shuffle through a myriad of resources and options to reach your dream home. Buying or selling a home is an important and stressful experience- you invest time, money, and dreams. We will not let it go in vain! We handle every deal by researching and managing home improvements, giving the proper value to your house over time, and even by reviewing the neighborhood to find other similar properties if needed. 

Are you scared an average realtor agent will just put up a “for Sale” sign and simply wait for an offer to come? You do not have to worry about that with our realtor Troy IL residents can’t get enough of. We defy the traditional ways by investing in modern real estate buying and selling tools. Everyone under our banner makes sure that your listing gets the maximum metro east real estate market attention. 

Our realtor Troy IL is a realtor that families love to work with, we have the experience of working with many different aspects of the real estate business. This helps us start the selling or buying process weeks before your listing goes online. Our agents bring informed, qualified, interested buyers and sellers to the table whether you are buying or selling. Our goal is to maximize your home’s value and to ensure you are happy with the process. We invest time to educate you on the local Metro East real estate market to ensure you are making a sound investment. You can make an informed decision if you are well-equipped with the resources and necessary information.

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Invest in St. Louis Area Real Estate

Our St. Louis area real estate comes equipped with full-service solutions for your real estate needs. With us, you will get personalized buying and selling solutions specially tailored to cater to different needs. When you put your trust in us, we dedicate ourselves to delivering nothing but commitment, excellence, and efficiency. Our agents are experts. Connect with us! Our listing & marketing agent will vigorously market your property, our realtor Troy IL homeowners love working with, will find your dream home, and our closing agent will ensure a smooth closing!

We know this is not enough reason to choose us. Let us give you a few more reasons to put your trust in us:

Our services are comprehensive and affordable.  We take every deal seriously- every deal is a big deal for us!  Meeting your needs is our priority.  We do not compromise on our services’ quality.  Our St. Louis area real estate agents have effective and previously proven marketing plans that speed up the buying or selling process.  We take pride in our confidentiality, professionalism, and integrity.  Our services are transparent and honest.  We offer a real estate buying and selling experience you can count on.  As realtors, our responsibility is to conduct our business ethically.

We understand how difficult it is to trust realtors these days, But our agents will earn your trust with the friendliest smiles. We will ensure that you feel secure while dealing with us. After all, buying or selling a house is a big decision to make! So you cannot substitute the best with the average. If you are looking for a realtor Troy IL families trust, know that we will do everything we can to make the transaction as smooth as possible!

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Purchase property in the St Louis Housing Market

The St Louis housing market is seeing thousands of houses being sold and bought. You wouldn’t want your listing to get lost in that whirlpool. That is why it is not enough just to list your property. Marketing your property is essential too. The real estate St Louis area has to offer it’s residents, makes up a busy market, and with the correct marketing experience, our agents can put your property under the limelight. Won’t it be nice to get the market’s direct attention?  Our agents have been scouting the market for years. Thus, we have intensive market knowledge about the St Louis housing market.
Our strong marketing skills and background come as an added advantage for anyone seeking to sell or buy a house.  We thrive on making your property sale smooth in the competitive real estate market of the area.

Dream Homes with Jake is all dedicated to catering to your real estate needs. With our dedication, professionalism, and hard work, we will surely make your deal smooth and beneficial. We understand that dealing with real estate St Louis area families may not know the in’s and out’s of the home buying process, which means dealing with a wide range of potential issues. A one-size fit all arrangement will not suffice! Don’t worry, we will weave solutions that will fit your needs like a glove! What are you waiting for? We have a team of agents to handle real estate St Louis area residents can’t get enough of!

You’re in good hands

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